A new
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Hunni Soju brings the heart of K Town to you in truly elevated form. Enjoy modern soju cocktail recipes available in travel-ready 12 oz. cans or share-worthy 750mL bottles.

Wheat &

Hunni Soju begins with a better soju, one that’s artfully distilled from organic wheat and blended with rice grown in Northern California. The result is a cleaner, higher quality soju that won’t weigh you down.

Real Fruit
Juice &

There’s nothing artificial about our flavors. Hunni Soju uses real fruit juice, fruit purees, and natural flavors to make sure there’s never any extra junk going into your body.

or less at
4.0% ABV.

Our Sparkling Soju is a Low ABV canned cocktail option calibrated for active lifestyles. Each 12 oz. can ranges from 90 to 100 calories at 4.0% alcohol by volume.

Hunni Sparkling Soju Cans

Hunni Sparkling Soju

Hunni Sparkling Soju is a ready-to-drink line of canned sparkling soju cocktails ranging from 90-100 calories per 12 oz. can.

Light, refreshing, and bubbly, Hunni Sparkling Soju will feature four unique flavors: Yuzu and Elderflower; Korean Pear, Perilla Leaf and Lime; Peach and Chili Pepper; and Grape and Ginger Transfusion. And at 4.0% ABV, Hunni Sparkling Soju will be a Low ABV canned RTD alternative calibrated for active lifestyles.

Hunni K Town Soju Bottles

Hunni K Town Soju

Hunni K Town Soju, on the other hand, is a line of pour-over flavored soju with bolder flavors in 750mL multi-serve bottles and a variety of flavors.

Born from memories of late nights (and mornings) in K Town, Hunni K Town Soju will bring the K Town soju experience to you but with higher quality ingredients and more complex flavors. And at 18.0% ABV, Hunni K Town Soju can be consumed neat or chilled, K Town-style, or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Hunni Sparkling Soju Boxes

Hunni Sparkling Parti-Pak

Hunni sparkling soju comes in four unique flavors. Collect all four or purchase them at once in our parti-pak.

Four unique sparkling soju cocktails: Yuzu and Elderflower; Korean Pear, Perilla Leaf and Lime; Peach and Chili Pepper; and Grape and Ginger Transfusion.

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