James and Carolyn


Yobo Drinks Inc. and its founder Carolyn Kim, the makers of Yobo Soju, bring you Hunni Soju. The word Yobo is Korean for ‘honey’ or ‘darling,’ a term that binds people together through love and life. In Hunni Soju, we blend Korean and American cultures to reimagine soju for the next generation of soju drinkers.

Memories of K. Town

Born from memories of late nights (and mornings) in K Town

Some of the best times of our lives were had in K Town. It’s where we met and mingled. But it was when we introduced people to K Town where we felt the most pride, sharing pieces or our culture, our food, and our heritage with others. In Hunni Soju, our aim is just that, to export K Town to new friends and neighbors.

Northern California Rice

The richer flavor of rice grown in Northern California

Our Hunni Soju journey starts with a better soju, artfully distilled from organic wheat blended with rice grown in Northern California. The addition of rice brings unique richness and flavor to our soju, helping to make each of our cocktails truly distinct. In Hunni Soju is our obsession over every single ingredient.

Organic Wheat

The clean and smooth finish of organic wheat

Organic wheat on the other hand creates a soju that’s impossibly smooth and mild, one that finishes clean and is light on the palate. In re-imagining flavored soju, our aim was to start by building the better foundation. And we think you’ll notice.

Made with love and passion in California

Made with love and passion in California

While Yobo was born in New York, Hunni Soju finds its home in Southern California, soaking up rays and living by the beach in Ventura, CA. And while we’re still new to California, we can’t wait to meet as many people as we can and to plant our roots here. Home sweet home.

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