K Town Soju Bottles

K Town

Born from memories of late nights (and mornings) in K Town, Hunni K Town Soju will bring the K Town soju experience to you but with higher quality ingredients and more complex flavors. And at 18.0% ABV, Hunni K Town Soju can be consumed neat or chilled, K Town-style, or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

K. Town Soju Coming Soon

The K Town Soju ritual is a shared one.

K Town never sleeps. 24/7, it’s a gathering place for lovers of food, friends, and festivity. Our K Town soju, with its bigger and bolder flavors, designed to be shared with others, is a range of 750mL bottles filled with our love of K Town. Made with soju distilled from organic wheat and rice grown in Northern California, our K Town soju will meet the demands of even the most discerning cocktail enthusiast. Due to launch early 2022. Stay tuned!

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